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America’s repossession of the Philippines

As the US dramatically expands its military presence, colonialist history is repeating itself When the news broke in early February that Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. had struck a deal to allow the United States to dramatically expand its military presence...

Debate on the Future of the WSF

Following the first "Global Day of Action", which took place on January 26th, and after 7 years of existence, the World Social Forum is in debate. Read and participate in the debates >>>    The World Social Forum  at the Crossroads by...

The Economist Debate Series: Freedom and its digital discontents

24 March 2008

Walden Bello was invited to participate in the Economist’s Debate Series on "Freedom and its Digital Discontents." The proposition of the debate was “By intervening to regulate business and financial risks, governments have made things worse.”

The full debate can be accessed at The Economist.

Walden Bello's comments:

Central planning and market freedom: manifestations of the same fundamentalist mindset

There are two doctrinaire positions that have proved singularly
destructive over the last half century. One is that the government
riding herd on the economy is the way to go. The other is that the
market is always right.

E-mail Debate: Do Corporations Rule?

September 2005 As part of the BBC's Who Runs Your World? series, the BBC News Website asked two experts to debate whether global corporations are the most powerful beasts in the jungle.