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Keynesianism and the Great Recession: An Interview with Walden Bello

From Triple Crisis "We need to work towards a post-capitalist system that aims at promoting equality, enhances instead of destroys the environment, is based on cooperation, and is engaged in planning to achieve short term, medium term, and long-term goals. In this...

Alternative views of the economic crisis: Walden Bello Interviewed by the BBC

6 February 2009

The dramatic downturn gripping the global economy has breathed
new life into old questions about how best to run our economic systems.

Politicians, business leaders and policymakers searched for solutions at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos.

‘WSF had a prophetic voice’

Walden Bello interviewed Aljazeera

Walden Bello: ‘It is time to aim beyond capitalism’

Interview conducted by Alejandro Kirk/IPS TerraViva

The World Social Forum has an urgent and crucial task: battling the social democratic response to the global crisis of capitalism now under way, and push for a democratic control of economy and state, worldwide, Filipino academic, author and activist Walden Bello tells TerraViva's Alejandro Kirk at an interview.