I think there is no doubt that in terms of scholarship, teaching, and administration, Chancellor Fidel Nemenzo deserves a unanimous vote from the UP regents to serve as the next president of the University of the Philippines.

He is, hands down, the most qualified for the position.

Unfortunately, politics is intruding into the selection process–politics that should have no place in the selection of the UP president.

I will not repeat what others have said about Fidel’s sterling academic credentials. What I would like to touch on is his being an activist. Few of you probably know this side of Fidel, that he has always marched in the streets for people‚Äôs causes. Few know that in one of these marches, he was shot in the chest by the police, and that he nearly died.

That is one more reason why the Board of Regents should make Fidel UP President. He is willing to put his principles on the line. He is willing to die for them. He will go all the way for UP.

I ask the BOR to put politics aside and appoint the most qualified candidate for the presidency of this august university. I urge a unanimous vote in favor of Chancellor Nemenzo.

Mabuhay si Fidel. Mabuhay ang UP.

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