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The Global South in the WTO: Time to Move from the Defensive to the Offensive

The World Trade Organization will be holding its 12th Ministerial Meeting in Geneva from June 12 to 15.  Yet little if anything is expected from the meeting except the usual exchanges of conflicting views between representatives of the global North and those of the...

Why Biden might not be able to extricate the US from its Middle East quagmire

Biden has promised an end to the endless wars. But such promises are not easy to keep. Read the article here

Osama Bin Laden’s Ghost and the Multi-Trilion-Dollar Cost of Endless War

Twenty years of military quagmire of the Middle East has contributed to the fraying of the U.S. economy even as China has rapidly become the new center of global capital accumulation. Read the article here

The three revolutions of the Chinese Communist Party

The Communist Party of China led three revolutions of world-historic significance in its short 100-year-history: national liberation, the “Cultural Revolution,” and China’s rapid capitalist transformation. Read the article here